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Learn to read with AI that listens.

What is SonicPhonics?

Learning to read can be tough, but SonicPhonics listens! This app helps kids learn to read by listening to them practice, correcting their mistakes, and rewarding their progress. It’s a reading companion that frees up both teachers and parents!

While some children grasp the ability to read effortlessly, others encounter challenges. Repeatedly practicing letter and word pronunciation is key to this learning journey. However, this process requires the presence of an adult who is frequently available, a resource inaccessible to many.

Here’s where the SonicPhonics app comes into play. It actively listens to children as they practice pronouncing letter sounds, offering corrections and rewards as needed. It reduces the burden on teachers and reading specialists by conducting real-time assessments and directing their efforts where they’re most needed.


Reading is a critical aspect of learning. Because of time or language ability, not every parent can practice letter sounds with their child. This will also aid teachers by better enabling them to spend more time with students 1-on-1.


SonicPhonics uses AI to listen and assess children making the sounds of letters. It is then able to use that to reward children and inform parents and teachers.


SonicPhonics is currently targeting the very early readers. Sounding out letters, listening and giving them personalized feedback is a skill that other technology solutions currently miss.


SonicPhonics is currently focused on New Zealand and the United States. Accents are important to voice recognition and this is where our team is based so can collect data.


Collecting recordings of children making the letter sounds is a key part of this project. We maintain privacy of children by doing this anonymously, no personally identifiable information is collected.

The developers

A small team based in New Zealand and the United States are building this app. The goal of this project is to help better educate children. If you like the idea and think you can contribute please reach out!